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The best of friends were all strangers once. But as time goes on they develop a deep and meaningful bond that's almost unbreakable. Much like a budding friendship customer-brand interaction can be the start of a life-long affair.


No room for dull and bland here. We like our messaging to fit just like the perfect pair of jeans -- trendy, timeless and tailored to you. Our data -driven insight crafts targeted messaging that charms the pants off anyone who comes near your brand (see what we did there?)

We'll dive headfirst into solutions that Curate, Captivate and convert your audience.

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"Myaah's not only an exceptionally talented writer but an absolute pleasure to work with. She's a creative thinker whose result-driven copy and insightful collaboration have the ability to elevate any brand with the power of words."- Mason Doerr, Founder of Cardinal Agency Group and CopyMBA"Working with Myaah has been an absolute pleasure. She has thoughtfully executed several copywriting projects for me including work for my premium clients and their consulting businesses. Myaah’s work ethic is unmatched and her openness to feedback makes things an absolute breeze. Thanks to her efforts within my business, she has contributed to a 60-70% close rate and a revenue of 10k+."- Shandel Shand, Founder of Marketing Creates